10 Reasons Why You Need to Experience and Learn to Use LIGHT

1. Improves Self-efficacy

No more compromises. Set higher goals and stay on course. Get into the habit of outdoing your personal best.

2. Decreases Depressed Mood

Even when the dark clouds roll in the sun never stops to shine beyond our sight. If we maintain this awareness, the momentary glum atmosphere won’t bring us down. We will effortlessly envision the sunbeams that are certain to return.

3. Reduces Fatigue

Anything that needs effort will burn energy. In our case, that energy gets supplied by our physical strength and mental endurance. With the right motivation, a little extra effort, and some alterations to our lifestyle, we will tap into an inexhaustible resource.

4. Enhances Quality of Life

When you look at life through a yellow lens, everything will appear jaundiced. A slight correction can improve our subjective experience of life.

5. Pain Management

Our body speaks to us only when it feels discomfort. A healthy body and a healthy mind act in silence granting you complete access to the now. Just listening to these faculties when they speak up and giving it the necessary attention and comfort can bring substantial relief.

6. Stress Management

If you can handle it, why worry about it? If you can’t, why worry about it? Do your best and let the rest be.

7. Clarity of Mind

Clairvoyance is our capacity to perceive beyond the observable field. Even when our view gets clouded, and our life gets crowded with unimaginable minutiae, we shall unwaveringly remain focused only on our goal.

8. Overcome Anxiety

Queasy, uneasy, and breathless is no way to feel before getting to an important appointment or completing an urgent task. Attending to life’s demands with a lung-full of breath and your stature held firm and tall will provide you the confidence to face every challenge head-on.

9. Symptom Management

(including chronic diseases and autoimmune conditions)

When critical aspects of your life get governed primarily by your symptomology to such a point where imagining the same situation without these challenges become almost impossible, just being able to do that one thing alone could launch you in a whole new direction — seeing is believing.

10. Self-Discovery

How do you define an incomplete book? It’s a work-in-progress, and no one can guess how things will shape up or where it will end. Even the author is ambivalent — continually evolving and experimenting to push boundaries and surprise the audience. 

How can LIGHT do so much for you?

LIGHT only reminds you what ‘you’ are capable of doing for yourself. Depending on how much and how far you wish to expand your reach, you can use LIGHT to continue your journey without limits and perpetually amaze yourself with what else you are capable of achieving.

Setting goals that you’d once imagined to be impossible will become second nature. Unfailingly accomplishing them will become your true nature.

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