Private Sessions

This is the original model of the LIGHT protocol that was used for the research studies. Generally healthy clients require a minimum of five sessions. If you have any special diagnosis such as an autoimmune condition or an otherwise serious issue that needs attention—we do recommend ten sessions. These sessions are usually conducted once a week for the said course of time.

Self-Efficacy Courses

We've developed a powerful set of self-efficacy programs designed around the foundational principles that make the evidence-based LIGHT protocol a success. You may choose to attend an 8-week course (weekday nights / weekend afternoons) or a 3-day weekend intensive.

Booster Programs

Once you've successfully completed one of the LIGHT self-efficacy courses or if you've been a private client, you will gain access to various booster programs to continue with your practice, meet with others who use LIGHT, and keep learning improved ways of expanding and growing its benefits.

Some of the benefits of our evidence-based LIGHT protocol represented in percentage values:

30 %
Decrease in Depressed Mood
10 %
Decrease in fatigue
15 %
Increase in physical quality of life
20 %
increase in mental quality of life
Kindly email us first at to schedule a 30-minute free consultation to mutually determine which of our programs is best suited for your needs.

We have a number of new research studies being lined up. Recruitment will begin in some months, however, if you are a suitable candidate we’ll add you to the waitlist and give you priority. Please email us for a free consultation, and we can determine if you fit the criteria.

Private Sessions

  • One-on-One Consultation
  • 45-90 minutes per session
  • Complete Privacy
  • Personalized LIGHT Sessions
  • Minimum 5 Sessions Required
  • 10 Sessions Recommended for Chronic and Autoimmune Conditions
  • Pay in full to receive 10% off OR pay the full price in 2 installments

Self-Efficacy Courses

  • Structured Learning & Exercises
  • 20+ hours of Classroom Training
  • Learn from Shared Experiences
  • Fixed Class Schedule
  • Shared LIGHT Session
  • Offered at UC San Diego through its Centers for Integrative Health
  • For Neurodegenerative Conditions and Spinal Cord Injury: Offered at Adapt Functional Movement Center
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