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Stress is a factor in five out of the six leading causes of death — heart disease, cancer, stroke, lower respiratory disease, and accidents. An estimated 75 percent to 90 percent of all doctor visits are for stress-related issues.1

We live in times where our work-life balance is out of whack as is our harmony with nature. The food we eat, when and how we eat it, our sleep habits, the dependence on devices that force us into an idle and unhealthy posture for long hours every day, the discomforting commute to work and back; the list is endless. There are few incentives if any, to make positive changes, especially if you are looking for external factors to change first like government regulations or employer policy changes that make it necessary or even economically beneficial for you to make better choices. It’s your life, your health, and your peace of mind. Nothing will change unless you decide to change it.

Stress is loosely defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.  Self-efficacy is an individual’s belief in his or her innate ability to achieve goals. This is where self-efficacy plays a role in individuals who succeed at making positive transformations in their life to accomplish their goals and do so regardless of whether their environment supports it or not.

It has to all start somewhere. A moment of clarity is required to call forth the imagination and motivation necessary to examine and combat the brutality of stress-inducing realities. A safe-space that provides you distance and unlimited access to resources to test and simulate possible solutions to envision the outcomes and pick the ones you find most beneficial to you. This is what we are looking to do when we daydream about our ideal job or dream home. When we consistently dream of the same set of things, these begin to constitute our goals.

Our life is governed by our personal judgment of where we find ourselves in comparison to our goals and aspirations. When the life we live and the one we envision do not correlate, we stop expressing ourselves fully and retreat into routines that are mostly coping mechanisms and escapist strategies. A dream followed by affirmative actions that contribute toward materializing it leads to fulfillment, whereas when no action is taken, or counterproductive habits persist, it leads to disappointment and disillusionment.

Everything starts in your mind and over time, translates into words and actions that reflect your position. Small changes introduced and sustained with consistency lead to lasting transformations. You must have a way to manage these events on a daily basis, especially when you are overcome with stress and worry. Think back to a time when you were able to come up with a solution in a flash and apply it to dissipate the aggression of a stressor. These are the aha moments when we feel invincible. You were in the flow. What results from this is a sense of harmony and peace of mind.

Can you call these aha moments into action at will? That’s where having a tool like LIGHT* (Light Induced Guided Healing Therapy) will make all the difference. Early research conducted at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) has shown that LIGHT improves mood, decreases fatigue, and positively affects the overall quality of life.

But what does LIGHT do to produce these desirable results? 

For starters, LIGHT helps you relax and settle into a comfortable state of inward focus. When you are able to reach that place, which is made easy with the use of LIGHT, you will be led onto a visualization journey where you get to create and simulate your ideal place of absolute fulfillment. We like to call this, ‘your heaven on earth.’

When used consistently, LIGHT will provide you aha moments on demand to see clearly even when your environment presents you with discomforting scenarios. Once you learn the use of LIGHT by enrolling in the 8-week self-efficacy program, it will become your ‘go to’ tool that you will have at your disposal at all times. All that is required now is your commitment to change.

  1. Joe Robinson, “Three-Quarters of Your Doctor Bills Are Because of This,” HuffPost (blog), The Huffington Post, Jul 22, 2013,

* LIGHT (Light Induced Guided Healing Therapy) has been referred by different names by the researchers. For the first pilot study that has a peer-reviewed paper published in the Journal for Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine (JEBIM), it was referred to as Healing Light Guided Imagery (HLGI). The second study also referred to it as Guided Imagery Hypnotherapy (GIH) for which a poster will be presented at the BCI World Conference & Exhibition 2018 in London this November.

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